Photography by Lisa Lindle

Photography by Lisa Lindle

Daniel Saint Armand

I am a newly married Haitian American with a passion for the art of graphic design. With many years of experience in the field, my philosophy as a designer has been to keep visual communication clear and excellent. 

In brand, print and digital design I am a start to finish artist, taking an idea from brainstorm doodles, to concepts and proofs, to prepress set up, to print and/or digital publishing.

Some designs I regularly work on include: Book covers, pagination, logos, conference branding, editorial, stationary, postcards, banners, billboards, brochures, photo manipulations, apparel and front end web design.

I am an expert in the most recent Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator CC 2015, Photoshop CC 2015 and InDesign CC 2015); I am proficient in Microsoft Office; and I have excellent web design know-how using Squarespace. I am also a sketch artist, which is a skill I use to my advantage in the thumb-nailing stage of graphic development.

I have been a graphic artist since 2006. I graduated from a top-notch graphics program at Bradley Academy (now York Arts Institute) in 2006. My degree, combined with my 9 years of experience, affords me more expertise in the field than any I could gain from a bachelors degree alone. Post-graduation I have been a designer for organizations such as Freedom Valley Church, Mixed Media Creations, and Global Awakening. I also work for myself as a freelance artist. I am a leader and a team player, skills I have developed through past endeavors, such as youth pastoring and leading missions teams.